Dror Vision:

Attainment and dissemination of knowledge for the liberation of the individual from his/her distresses through literature, workshops, classes and support groups in order to enable women and men to think and behave optimally for themselves and for others with love, respect, recognition, leadership and responsibility.

The Dror community is committed to imparting this knowledge to the greater community, to different sectors in the population. The Dror community aspires to encourage leadership among members in the community. Dror is a democratic community and is autonomous and aspires to work jointly with other similar communities abroad.



Nov 20th, Thursday at 19:30 Sessions Gathering at Luiza and Avner's home. Contact Hava for more details.



November 9th, Friday, at 19:00 Arab Jewish Support Group in Nazareth, All are welcome (no previous knowledge of co-counseling required). Contact Janice for more details.


May 7-12, 2019 CCI USA, ask Janice for details regarding details.

July 21-27, 2019 CCI Europe in Germany, ask Janice for details regarding details.





Just Listen, a wonderful book by Rudolf Gisselmann, a co-counselor from Hamburg.


Read the Open Letter from Dror to the CCI Community and see the responses!