Guidelines for the Dror Co-Counseling Community (2006)

A. General Issues

  1. Dror is a community of people united under the theory of counseling which was established on the basis of Harvey Jackins and theory that was developed by members of the community.
  2. Membership in the Dror Community of Israel is open to men, women and youth who are involved in counseling: completed the Fundamentals course of Dror, are active in Dror Workshops and hold co-counseling sessions.
  3. Membership in the community is based on a preparedness to commit to the advancement of the Dror Community and the advancement of the larger community we live in.
  4. These guidelines are the outcome of an agreement of the Dror Council and have been received in a general meeting of the Dror Community. Changes to the guidelines will be made by the Dror Council and will be authorized in a general meeting of the Dror Community which meets throughout the year.
  5. Members of the Dror Community agree to the conditions of these guidelines and are willing to follow them accordingly. In any case where there are differing opinions on the interpretation of these guidelines, an attempt will be made to reach an agreement through mutual support and assistance from the leaders in the community. In the case where the disagreement remains unresolved, the issue will be discussed by the Council who will make the final ruling regarding the interpretation of the guidelines.
  6. In case of doubt, the guidelines of the Dror Community are subject to all laws and ordinances recognized by the State of Israel.

B. Aims of the Community

  1. The Dror Community is involved with the attainment and distribution of knowledge on the liberation of the individual from his/her distresses by means of distributing literature, workshops, classes and group work.
  2. The Dror Community is committed to learning and application of this knowledge in order to enable women and men to behave and think optimally for themselves, with regard to others with love, respect, appreciation/validation, acknowledgement, leadership/direction and responsibility.
  3. The Dror Community aspires to bring this knowledge to the wider community, to different sectors of the population.
  4. The Dror Community aspires to empower members of the community to take on leadership roles.
  5. The Dror Community conducts activities in a democratic manner.
  6. The Dror Community is an autonomous community that aspires to create connections and cooperation with similar communities abroad.

C. Membership in the Community

  1. Any student who has completed a fundamentals class in co-counselling can become a member of Dror.
  2. Upon completion of the course, the teacher gives the list of names of students who have successfully completed the fundamentals class to the regional coordinator who adds them to the list of Dror members.
  3. The single requirement for one to be a Dror member is the commitment to strive for personal growth and for growth of others around him/her.

(further text is in the process of being translated)