About us

The Dror Community operates according to the method of Co-Counseling (originally known as Re-Evaluation Counseling founded by Harvey Jackins). The basic premise is that people can help each other by learning a technique of true listening: listening with caring, aware attention. According to this method, people can learn how to release themselves from influences and painful experiences from their past, experiences which left an imprint and produced negative emotions which prevent them from leading a fulfilling and happy life.  The theory provides a model showing how individuals can function and live their lives interacting more positively with others and with their environment.

We believe that everyone is born with tremendous potential, with natural joy and hope, with the ability to love, to cooperate with others and enjoy intimacy. These abilities may be blocked in adults as the result of painful early experiences {fear, pain, loss, humiliation, hopelessness…} which are based in their childhood.

Obstruction of these natural abilities produces patterned behaviors which can be irrational and their only purpose is to prevent painful feelings which are usually based in memory and not actually occurring in the current reality. These patterns can leave a person feeling trapped in life; feeling a lack of free choice which may be a product of his/her fear and negative emotions.

Most people can heal themselves and push through these artificial boundaries by using the natural process of discharge {crying, laughter, trembling, or expressions of anger}. This natural process can occur spontaneously when a person experiences free attention; caring, aware attention without judgment or criticism. When the process of emotional discharge occurs, the person is liberated from the emotional pain and the patterns of behavior that were locked inside him/herself – and he or she is now can express his or her true self, experience true happiness, emotional intelligence, flexibility which enables him/her to behave in an optimal manner and in the environment.

In the process of healing, two people take turns offering equal time and equal attention with each other.  The listener encourages and receives the emotional discharge. The talker – discharges and is able to re-evaluate the reality from a new emotional vantage point and commitment for action in his/her life. With experience and the basis of trust between the two partners, the process improves and deepens.

The Dror community became established in 1998 with the purpose to enable members to contribute to the community in a democratic, respectful and equal manner. Dror's motto is: Attainment and dissemination of knowledge on the liberation of the individual from his/her distresses by means of literature, workshops, classes and support groups in order to enable women and men to think and behave optimally for themselves and for others with love, respect, recognition, leadership and responsibility.   

There are currently 15 teachers of co-counseling in the Dror community. The majority of these teachers were trained in re-evaluation counseling. Dror founders split away from the original Re-evaluation Community in Israel because of serious differences in the approach to co-counseling; especially with regard to the concept of peer culture, and issues on how new students were to be treated.

The Dror Fundamentals Course involves 12 meetings of 3 hours each. The structure of each meeting is: opening circle, equal exchange of attention, listening, theory, games and closing circle.

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