Luiza Namizdov

Luiza Namizov – born in 1957, one of the founders of the Dror Community. Served as a member of the administrative council and regional coordinator. Currently, Luiza is a member of the board for "Movement of the new male" working towards the promotion of equality among the sexes. Luiza studies the bible under Rabbi Ehud Ezrahi. She teaches the fundamentals of listening, offers this training for teaching teachers and assistants, facilitates workshops on the topics of love and creating healthy relationships between men and women. Luiza is a personal coach for 7 years and teaches coaching at the "Skills Institute". She writes poetry with two books published: "Connected to the earth, dreaming of the wind' and "On the first day of the future, I am the dream." Luiza is married to Avner and the mother of Lital and Arik.


Philo Aviram

Iaacov Aviram (Philo) – I have been involved with co-counseling for more than 18 years, as a teacher for 14 years. I have taught fundamentals classes and continuation classes and facilitated support groups on many topics, among them a women's group and a men's group. I served on the committee which created the Dror Community and its first administrative council. I am currently a member of the administrative council (2008-2009).

Daniel Krichmar

Daniel Krichmar - I live in Jerusalem. I teach language instruction and alternative education. I'm a senior lecturer for the ORT network, a personal coach in the field of empowerment in families and groups. I've been co-counseling since 1994, a teacher in co-counseling since 2002. I give courses in fundamentals, continuation classes, national workshops, teacher classes, economic empowerment classes and many evening workshops in the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem regions. The programs I offer are: liberation from oppression for men, empowerment of groups and dialogue among them, investigating the relevance of co-counseling in the realm of alternative education.

Eti Cohen-Moadim

Eti Cohen-Moadim - "Recently, after describing my activities in Dror co-counseling, I was asked "You still need this?" The answer was "Yes! Everyone needs this." It's hard for me to imagine how my life would be without ever knowing about Dror (15 years ago). We're talking about a dynamic community with wonderful members, intelligent and effective theory, and many varied activities. From this very good place, I facilitate classes, evening workshops, edit a newsletter, and above all, do not stop learning. My professional work is in administration for a large company. I'm a mother of two and in a relationship.

Ofer Cornfeld

Ofer Cornfeld - born in 1963, married and father of two, living in Ramat Gan. Entrepeneur and social activist, programming engineer at the Technion, high tech entrepreneur and candidate for a master's in economics at Tel Aviv University. Director of economic and social entrepreneur program "Choosing Tomorrow" at the Sapir College. Graduate of the acting course, on stage and on camera for "HaHeder" Theater. Graduate of the "Voices" Seminar – Talmudic Center for Pluralistic Jewish Studies. Member of the board for "Beit Noam" for the preventions of violence in families, member of the board for "Movement for peace and equality among the sexes", and chairmen for the Institute for Secular Ceremonies.

Oded Eliashev

Oded Eliashev – active member of Dror since 2004 in aims for personal and social liberation. I am a man who is inventing himself. My actions are derived through the clear understanding of what I want to do at any given moment and much less from a lack of choice or fear. It wasn't always like this. I succeeded in resolving many internal as well as external conflicts through work with emotional awareness. Through listening, I learned to accept the many faces of my personality, each day anew, with the intention to enhance my ability to love and receive myself and others.

Avi Butavia  Avi Butavia

Mike Givati  Mike Givati

Gina Tadmor  Gina Tadmor

Osnat Kaufman  Osnat Kaufman

Eti Semel  Eti Semel