Thank You from Esther

Dear Fellow Dror Members,

I recently returned from the CCI Workshop held in the Netherlands. The suitcases are emptied already, but not the wonderful aftertaste from the great quality and significant workshops, and so I would like to say thanks for the following:

Thanks, for the enchanted venue at blessed Bakkeveen and the history of its rich earth. The trees and green grass, warm sun were wistfully present. The nutritious food, fresh and delicious, plus mountains of sweet cream and seasonal fruit, the pure water and natural juices offered after awakening from soft and sweet sleep.

Thanks to the organizers: Batja, Emmy, Nettie, Sytse & Hans. They did a great job. They were clear, precise and purposeful which enabled me to find a place inside me and around me breathing, alert, alive, full of openness and listening. Good relations between them contributed to create a space very dignified, safe, relaxed, loose and yet with clear and meticulous boundaries.

Thank you, facilitators of a variety of empowering workshops:  work on emotion, motion and didgeridoo workshops, performances and sweetly innocent evening talent show, wonderful support group participants: Lillian, Ida and Sarah.

Thanks to the various participants who revealed a wide spectrum of feelings, bursting forth and refining. Anyone who smiled, hugged, wiped away a tear, not stifled a scream / yawn / laughter / crying / shaking because of grief, pain, anger, hurt, embarrassment, shame and feeling good. Thanks to you, one could find at any given moment authentic, responsible and loving space.

Thanks, Marlies and Sytse, love and truth go beyond distances travelled...

Thank you, dear friends and travel partners:  Janice, Hava, Ida, Aviva and Miriam, who made my experience fun and relaxing.

This amazing gift I could give myself, so thank you to myself.

In our community, we are in the process of change slowly but surely, we shall see that the depth of this change and influence even more widely ...

With love,