Cycle of Injury and Healing Options


1. Society is organized around the materialistic consumer culture

Assumptions: there is not enough!

Therefore: competition is required

A fundamental sense: The fear of shortage or eventual threat on survival

People relate to others: Separation, competition, suspicion and fear


New option: Social organization around rational needs: love, security and recognition


2. Introducing a sense [a virus] of self-harm

Means: commercials, reality television: on survivors, on wealthy people

Identity: the construction of a consumer identity

Relation to others: Looking at their objects - equal / not equal


Another possibility [counseling work]: Remember that all such messages that we are not okay in terms of age, appearance, skills, occupation, assets ... is oppression

Recommended sessions: "I am fine, just the way I am", I belong, I'm smart .....

Look at others and say in our hearts: "This is my brother/sister; his/her welfare is now apparent to me", "This person is also trying to find some happiness in his/her life", “Take pride in all aspects of my identity: as a woman, a Jew, the oldest daughter, the one with ADHD, the Ukrainian ...


3. People try to shape themselves in accordance with the impossible models shown: using plastic surgery, consuming branded items, exhaustion through sport, taking steroids. They attempt to feel good at all costs.

The result: Distance ourselves from our real selves and our basic human needs: love, recognition and security


Another option: organize your life so that your basic needs are provided,

Hugs at least one day, a supportive environment where there’s giving and receiving appreciation, stop criticizing other people [and ourselves], have sessions at least once a week

Act as allies to each other, engage in meaningful work and don’t forget to



4. Entry to position of "Swing of shame / superiority", we feel bad about ourselves and then try to feel better by reducing other’s value [I have the most beautiful home, I make the best ... I cook the best .. I have children, I am married ...]

The result: a lack of empathy for the grief and pain of others and ignoring our own grief. Feeling bad about ourselves can lead to addictions and wars!



Another option: Pay attention every time we feel overt or covert condescension and work on it in a session.

Direction: "I give up on my need to feel better than so and so”

Tell your co-worker about the shame and pain of childhood

Tell the person/people that their pain touches your heart and to discharge on the pain